Has God abandoned us?

No. The problem is in our mis-conception of God. The Creator created all things including us. The goodness we produce is God. If we produce no goodness, we produce a godless society. That is the truth. Verily, the truth is in the living (of it), like it or not. It is the greatest of mistakes to think that God is a central figure surrounded by angels. That is not God. That is government, wherein all participants constantly bite and claw at each other and lie to themselves and everyone else about everything to stay in power - gov.mint.
As long as emphasis is placed on control by a central figure, the reality
of a prevailing goodness will be vulnerable. Conversely, as long as emphasis is placed
on a prevailing goodness, the reality of control by a central figure will be vulnerable.
Where a population can neither curb its appetites nor foster a prevailing goodness,
a central government will inevitably arise, manifest by those who are selfishly evil.
The people will then find themselves debt slaves to the affluent.

Nothing was learned from 2008. Greed, hiding behind the veil of benevolence,
quickly re-motivated the majority. Thirst for verity and logic has given way to
hunger for power and public theater. Morality, not treating others as one would
not be treated (which is not the same as virtue or virtue signaling), seems
to have vanished. Overall, those in power are completely corrupt.

"The Trumpet False"
President Trump and his advisors played everyone for fools. When he
failed to physically remove those judges who issued injunctions to his
explicit right to prevent immigration, he put America on a sinking ship.
Next came the trade war with China and the tax breaks for corporations,
instead of eased trade with China and heavy taxes on corporations that
moved to China. There were a lot of complaints, but no action taken. The
jews have a saying, "Barking dogs don't bite." T-Rump and 'Em-R Pants did
not incite a riot. they were comfortable with a spellbound audience, not
a loyal Army. Their mission was to lull Americans into the current situation.
The present choas in Afghanistan is all happening to restart Pike's Plan.
All the military equipment was left there so the US would have to buy more.
Do not blame God. It is the fault of people who let themselves be fooled -
people who bought GM after GM skated with Billions to China, union workers &
students who voted in a known liar, judges and officials who thought material
wealth the key to Heaven, people who thought power and glory were God,
people who believed in the pretense of Hollywood and video games more
than they did reality, people who participated in the dumbing down of their
own society for someone else's agenda (Kate Brown diploma = barn floor level
of education in order to "expand learning opportunities" even though you don't
have to learn nuthin'), people who enforced lockdowns for a feeling of power
rather than refuse to do so on moral grounds and the advice of experts in the
medical profession, people who got vaccinated at "Warp Speed" and died, people
who gave up their guns, and on, and on and on...especially, those who took the
reins of this planet and shirked their responsibility to guide it with truth.

Serious News News

Further Serious News

World News

Quit your cry-babying about a third temple! Anju's people didn't build the first two.
The Lebanese built the first temple, and Herod the Great refurbished into a
second temple the mud hut the jewish refugees threw together.
The problem is banker types, like any institution run by incompetence aimed
at gaining authority, try to build penthouses before any supporting levels.
They would rather erase their experienced critics from memory than heed any
corrective criticism. Then, they wonder why the world ends up in chaos,
which doesn't seem to bother them as long as they are safe.. It is apparent
that so many Germans became jewish originally to compete with the authority
of Rome and to spite the Catholic Church's condemnation of jewish usury.

Did Rothschild lie when he said he cared not who made the laws? The only way he
could gain control of the money was to make the laws that allowed him to sweep
those fortunes into his account. He would argue that he said he didn't care who
made the laws, as long as his laws were made.
However, he made sure his henchmen made the laws.
Now, the world sees lying as the key to success.

Which Noahide Law states, "Thou shalt not lie?" The one they try to dimiss!

Most of what government officials are telling you now will, within
a month, be lies. Those "officials" are not breaking any Noahide Law.
Watching their speeches is like watching a toilet overflow.
If there is one thing those types in power fear the most,
it is they won't get their way without spilling lies to everyone.
Reject their lies, bribes and beguilements. Dismiss them.
Do not heroize their goons. They are not heroes.
They are goons.

You rich and powerful are so vain and conceited you fear defending God
would cause you to lose control to some other being. You do not understand.
God is not some dude you claim to be. God is the truth of our living.
Fear of losing touch with your own self love is what causes you to do evil
to others. You think others would exploit you as you exploit. Thus you
do not grow goodness and despise those who do.

No? Why did you Powers-That-Be flood Europe, a country that was
curbing its population naturally, with an illiterate, unskilled,
non-assimilating (so-called) workforce only to later shut down
the entire European economy? You ruined the beauty of Europe
because you hated it.

You demons who continuously try to increase the population of the world
for commerce's sake are the same ones handing out awards to the imbeciles
who are modifying the weather to scorch and drown the overpopulation.
If your only goal was to impose socialism on America, you could have
installed Mr. Bernie Sanders as President for a smooth transition.
You lead the world to the depths of Hell due to your inability
to bring yourselves to preserve and maintain the beauty of life.
Instead, you rape, kill and devour it, thinking to keep it
to yourselves. Then you claim to be what you ate,
so you can cross the Christians.

Read this, please (very short).

You World governments, by your policies, insinuate
that the Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and
other Professionals are lacking credentials or experience.
Why do you leaders not recognize true merit? Why do you
promote education (student debt) now and non-recognition, later?
Why do you censor valid data and present rubbish as fact?
It is because you, due to the positions of power you hold,
feel you have no need of qualified individuals stating facts.
It is as if you fear that giving credit where credit is due would
be admitting that, minutes earlier, you did not know something.
That would mar your self image of omniscience, and thus of omnipotence.

You "leaders" have gotten yourselves so dumbed down that you don't even
know to go to the CDC's webpage to find reason to ditch the Mask-Scare-uh!
You dismiss facts such as Coca-Cola can test positive for your (flu) virus.
(In case you missed it, Austrian Parliament proved so on live television.)
You refuse to admit the new virus has never been isolated, and that
all samples they present are lab contaminations of other samples.
One cannot produce a vaccine without a genuine, isolated sample.
There are patents on the non-existant virus which prevent research on it,
and, thus, its debunking. The owners claim it was caused in nature. Those
patents are illegal in that natural occurances cannot, by law, be patented.
Not only that, but the patents to the vaccines were granted three days
before the details of the so-called "virus" were released to the
scientific community. The proof is documented, yet jooish media, through
Psak-of-shit and others, calls the facts mis-information.

Who Owns the Coronavirus?

The owners, hoping no-one will notice, change their story continuously.

Idiots get so mad at themselves for wearing masks that they vent
that anger on those who refuse to cower to the nonsense of wearing masks.

To all the powerful people who want to flee tyranical areas:
You are not welcome here if you won't fight tyranny in you own land
while having the ways and means to do so. If you know who your enemy is,
and you gather information about them, you can put holes through their lies.
You will not achieve anything by running.
You will only erode the integrity of any new sanctuary by
voting for the Nikki Fried types. Then you've fled in vain.

Do the pro-maskers fear a virus? No, they fear the morons they
elected to do their thinking. Where will that lead them?
Now, it is known the vaccinated produce and spread a disease.

Nostradamus: Century 2, Quatrain 10:
"Before long, all will be set in order.
We will expect a very sinister century.
The state of the masked and solitary ones much changed.
Few will be found who will want to be in their place."
(The vaccinated in their bad-ass disguises and basements.)

Century 2, Quatrain 44:
"The Eagle driven back around the tents
will be chased from there by other birds:
When the noise of cymbals, trumpets and bells
Will restore the senses of the senseless lady."
(Perhaps Antifa and BLM will overtake a city,
and the celebration of it will shock a woman
drunk on power back to her senses.)

Century 1, Quatrain 81:
"Of the human flock, nine will be set apart, 
separated from judgment and counsel. 
Their fate is sealed as they depart. 
Kappa Theta Lambda dead, banished and scattered." 
(The Supreme Court after Biden-Kamala corruption?)

It is not by profound knowledge, but by bribe that so many wicked
policies remain in place. How convenient that trillions of dollars
were printed before the plandemic. How much of the U.S. Repo-market
"easing" actually paid off anyone's debt? Those who owed the debt
still owe the debt. Where did all that money go? Need one ask?

To all who think to have "The Word of God":
Actions Speak Louder than Words.

It is good to give glory to God, but it is bad to miss the fact
that so many people are willing to step up and play god. Going
up to people and saying, "So-and-so has saved you. Thanks for
the control", is affectatious and grossly presumptuous.
Giving control to those who claim to be a Divine Being's
representative is similar to giving control to a representative
of the government or artificial intelligence. Doing so will
eventually render the voices of those who relinquish control
meaningless. The world is praying to God for salvation,
as holy men ensure that help will be intercepted.

Why do religious establishments not endorse the testimony
of physicians worldwide instead of closing down in panic?
Would it go against their own agendas?
What happened to faith healing? Also, any predator who
is telling the people that their Savior, a man who could
raise the dead, would take a vaccine shot is EVIL!!!
Anybody who believes such a charlatan is lost, forever.

And then there are the zions, who scheme
in conjunction with the banking institutions and military complexes,
and who quickly label any group of people outside their religions that
attempts to grow and nurture a living, beneficial God (i.e. overall goodness)
as a cult. Instead of growing a God, the zions grow the devil to ensure
their own job security. To them, success is overrunning Heaven with Kingdom.
They do that by placating people into accepting NGOs and institutions like
the Council on Foreign Relations, Planned Parenthood and the United Nations
for the purpose of draining power from the people. The key to them taking
control is by getting everyone to not let others know they help. Eventually,
everyone will quit letting others know they love. That is what the zions have
used for centuries to breed ignorance, fear, suspicion, blame and hatred. To
them - no sin, no job. Telling someone you love them, but holding back truth
is not love; it is affectation. Their feined generosity has one purpose - to
cover their sins. Nuns are worse than hookers as far as betraying your love
to some other dude. Think not? Try one.

Also, it doesn't matter how advanced an alien civilization was
that may have come to this planet. Intelligence is one thing,
but smartness only comes with the pain of experience. If they
blew themselves up before or made themselves infertile by way
of some singularity project, they were stupid! Are they still?
Say our world leaders make a pact with aliens. Our leaders
can't expect the aliens to keep their promises, because our
leaders lie about everything, anyway. So why listen to them?
If the aliens can't figure that out, they are still stupid.
So why listen to them? The mis-application of "high technology"
is what made them stupid in the first place and look how our
leaders always apply "high technology". From this it can be
concluded that stupidity is self-generating.

Questions for aliens and quantum engineers:
Do cars pass gas?
Can cars take a dump?
(Hint: Use your common sense. The answer to both: Yes.)
If you can't answer 60 questions out of 100 correctly,
what are you doing walking on two legs?

Things that should be taught in schools, but are not.

Governments have known for decades what is coming.
They would not have jobs if the world were good and had no problems
legal, financial, marital, phychosomatic, spiritual, or other.
They create problems, pilfer goods and laud themselves for it
in order to usurp God with the great leech called government.
If they get you to beg from them, they win.

To all those who think to fool God: If the life forms who live on, and seek
control of the very Nature of this Planet try to break every one of Nature's
Laws, in addition to twisting and breaking the Laws given by God for this
Planet to survive, tell us what Reason exists for this Planet to adhere
to the Laws that govern its harbouring life or even its Present Orbit?
So you could live?!
All that money in your possession did not maintain
a planet as you promised it would. Yes, you did.
The generation of that money has only consumed a planet.
Where does all that money go?
What are you seeking other than some way to spite God?
If you ever truly did anything for the sake of goodness,
you might be surprised to find that it both softens and
strengthens the heart more that any medicine ever could.
U sed, "Na", because you banker-types will never be satisfied
until you remove the entire world from the warm embrace of die Sonne.
The ineptness of your rule is evident in the chaotic environment
spread around the planet. You who manage the resources of this world
were and are irresponsible. But, you think yourselves all-powerful.

You are still in the process of taking everything you
can during your planned-demic in an attempt to have control
before, during and after a catastrophic event. You have built
underground sanctuaries for yourselves. You intend to abandon the rest of us
to our impending doom. Only recently have you discovered that the shelters you
have built are vulnerable to structural cracks. Once you all get down there,
you will claw and worm into each other for control.
On top of that, half of you are liars, pedophiles and psychopaths.
The other half, being dim-witted, do not know what to do about it.
Are you "Powers That Be" trying to get everyone to hate God,
so everyone will be unforgiven, and in the end, proclaim yourselves
gods? No, of course not. You know God as the general population, and you
consider yourselves the great slitherer. You intend to buy the self and
proclaim it above God. How clever. You have a mis-conception of God.
You do not promote overall goodness because you hate it.

Do you think the Universe without design?
For all your scheming and cleverness, you overlook two important facts.
You did not create this planet. This planet you live on created you.
You scoff now, but you won't be laughing when things suddenly change.
Remember Comet Lovejoy? It did not follow the manmade Laws of Physics.

Why not?

It may be too hard for you to fathom a planet is judged as its rulers.
You were too evil to defend the real truth because you wanted to rule.
Because you who are in power won't concede to the people, the living
of this planet, the aknowledgement of their Creator-given natural
immunities, you will not be allowed to survive what is coming.
You will not be able to hide behind the peen. There won't be one.
If you continue trying to con vince God there exists a global
disease, the solution is for God to cleanse the entire planet.
God has asked you to quit having faith in evil. But you don't.
You have no clue as how to avoid the evil you are inviting.
God does not demand people love God. You who claim godhood do.
You are too naive to realize lightning is this planet thinking.
Laugh all you want. Your end will not be pleasant.
Be on the lookout for a big red-and-grey-swirly-mass.

Has God abandoned us? Before every tsunami, the water recedes.

May God save those of you who truly love God, but not those who don't.